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You Can't Block God...Can You? - Joey Ferrell

I have been called the "Facebook Preacher" for several years.  I am not sure if this is a compliment or possibly a reaction to dislike.

That is okay, though, either way.  I will always want to share the gospel of Christ with others, no matter what the platform.  Facebook has been an excellent way in which to do this over the past several years.  When I, or any other preacher gets in the pulpit, we are only able to reach so many people.  Sometimes, the person that we can reach the most isn't sitting in the pew.

Why do I bring this up?  Well, honestly, being vocal about God on social media isn't always the most popular avenue.  It is especially not the most popular when it carries over into the world and grabs hold of Christians in the church and tears them apart.

Over the years, social media sites have allowed new ways to be able to "block" things that people do not want to see.  In turn, there are ways also that one can block what others see as well.  While this process can be good for various reasons...is the intent actually something that will cause damage to our spiritual lives if we are not careful in our attitudes?

Recently, there have been a couple of Christians that have taken offense to some things that were brought out in love, mostly in person, and not on a social media site.  The Bible tells us in Gal 6:1-2 that if a brother or sister is overcome in sin, that we are to go to them and do our absolute best to bring them up out of that situation.  No difference in this approach.  However, this is where the fun begins.

Today, it is not "politically correct" in the world, and sometimes even in the church to show disfavor, rebuke, or even concern for someone's soul it would seem.  This is disheartening.  In the context of Matt 18, Gal 6, James 5, and several other passages, we as Christians are supposed to "help" one another in love.

Unfortunately, the response many times is with anger, or comments of "I will just change churches," or "quit judging" and so on.  Friends, this is not a scriptural answer.  In today's world, the church seems to have missed that we are in the soul-saving business.  It is our job as Christians and fellow church members to follow the commands of our Lord.  In the epistles, the writers of the New Testament are not making their own commands when these words are spoken about bringing the erring home, nor are they our own judging.  They are the words of our God!

So, what happens many times?  Well...it certainly happened to me.  I got "blocked".  Yes..."blocked."  In other words, these few that did not want to hear the words of sincerity in attempts to help their soul, nor did they want me to be able to "see" their "lives" the way that the world is seeing it as vagrantly displayed in their actions and posts on social media...their relief was to block me - a process in which "breaks" the friendship and relationship in this avenue.  Obviously, as awkward as this carries over to outside of social media...it also damages the friendship and relationship in our lives.  And it is very unfortunate.

Can we block our sins from God?  Can we block our communication from God?  Can we block what God says to us, or sees in our lives?  Certainly not.  In essence, we can "block" anyone in the world if we desire, and anyone in the world can block us...but God is not blocked.  Never has been.  Never will be.

God sees all things...in secret and in public.

Psalm 44:21

Hebrews 4:13

Daniel 2:22

In love friends.  Please don't try to block God.  It just won't work!