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Death has its sting...two years later


As this weekend marks the second anniversary of my mom's passing from this life, I am ever constantly reminded of the sting of death tonight. 

Death comes to all that are born into this world, and even included our Lord Jesus Christ. Death, however, is not the end!   

Many people think that it is all over when someone dies. The life is certainly gone, but there are scores of little and big things that "live on."  Take for example:

 ~ the constant memory of the last time you spoke with a dear friend or loved one

~ the pictures that you cling to of happier days

~ a little bit of wisdom or words that were uttered briefly

~ a gift that was given that you never gave thanks for

~ a grave stone reflecting a persons entire life - between those two dates that read "Born" and "Died" 


~  some little something that brings your vision right back to that moment that your world fell apart and simply stood still upon receiving the daunting news

Death certainly has its sting!


Jesus was certainly not immune to death either. He was surrounded by those that were sick, and dying, often in the purveyance of His miracles. Jesus is counted more than once "healing the dead."  One of these famous accounts is also attributed in the context of the shortest verse in the English Bible - "Jesus wept." 


The context of the story is pretty simple really.   Jesus' friend Lazarus has died. His sisters were very despondent, and many that knew Lazarus were sorrowful. 

Many a reader will account for this verse - "Jesus wept," to show the humanistic qualities of Christ - God in the flesh. While I do not want to, nor can attempt to disenthrone this emotional thought process, I do, however wonder sometimes if we just don't get it!

Was Jesus sad...like I am tonight as I remember my mother's life, and death?  Was He sad in mourning like we often see when one passes, especially unexpectedly, and He didn't get to say "Goodbye" to him?  Was He just plain showing compassion for the others around Him?

I don't know!


as I study the life of our Lord, I often wonder...why did Jesus weep?  I mean, think about it...He knew Lazarus' heart.  He loved him!  Apparently, Lazarus was a wonderful man. A man that exhibited the characteristics of someone that we might "think" will get to heaven!    RIGHT?

So, why would Jesus be sad that he had died - if he died "in The Lord" as it may appear?  Maybe we are missing something here...

Maybe....and I am speculating a big maybe here....but, maybe Jesus was simply upset because He was bringing Lazarus back to a life of sorrow, sadness, and sickness.  Maybe Jesus was sad because of the lack of faith shown in His own disciples questioning His ability to raise a man from that dead that was already smelling of the stench of death?   

Or maybe...Jesus understood the heartache that Mary and Martha were experiencing with tears in their own eyes, and He could not let them cry alone that day. 

Maybe Jesus wept with them that day...as He may be weeping with me on this very few days of heartache that fills my life.  Maybe it is as simple as reading this verse one more time... 

"Jesus wept." 

Death certainly has its sting.  It stings both the living, and the dead.  But, joyfully, I know in my heart that Christ overcame the grave and the sting of death in a resounding VICTORY, being resurrected to die no more!  And, when He poured out His blood, He gave us a way of overcoming death's chilling water in victory as well!

No matter how long a dear one has been parted, there is always a sting.  That sting will not go away; however, Christ's blood will save us from being overcome by death.   

Have you been cleansed by His blood?  If not, death will take its toll on you some day...and it will not be over....ever!  If you die spiritually, to never be able to live again...will we hear those bitter words once again? 


"Jesus wept." 









 ~ Joey Ferrell