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The Fire that Burns - From the Preacher's Pen

A fire that burns...

Today, after weeks of procrastination, I finally began cleaning up from Icesnowmageddon that laid down several trees and branches in our yard.

As soon as I started dragging brush to a central point (where I usually have brush fires), I got online and requested a burn permit for the day.  Isn't that cool that you can do it in a matter of seconds now?

It took three or four attempts, but I got the pile burning!

After a long day of cutting, dragging, and burning (with some awesome help), I sat down on the ground - exhausted - and just watched the fire burn.

Fire has always seemed to amaze me.  Not that I like fire because it consumes, but more so because of its inherent properties.

It relies on certain conditions in order to exist.  Oxygen is needed.  Something to burn is needed.  A source of fire is needed.  An audience...well, not always needed.

Watching the fire and feeling its heat also reminded me of a few things that make a lot of sense:

Fire consumes.
Fire cleanses.
Fire converts.
Fire comforts.
Fire calms..

The properties of fire can have everlasting effect on property, lives, and even souls...

This fire is different though.  This fire never consumes.  It never converts.  It never cleanses.  It never comforts.  It never calms.

It only does one thing...and it does it forever...

Fire claims the lost and erring.

A good fire is often interesting to watch, as long as it is not deadly, harmful, or damaging.  But some fire needs to be stayed away from, even further than a poker stick can reach!

Don't get too close to the fire!

~ Joey