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"Social Media....it's the devil....or is it?" - From the Preacher's Pen

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Google+, LinkedIn...they just keep growing...and growing...and growing!

I have been doing some of my own "research" of how long I have been on some of these portals, why I am on them, who I interact with, and so on. 

If I could count and receive a dollar for the number of times that I have heard something like "I don't do Facebook because of its bad reputation (waste of time, influence, etc.)" or "Facebook and Twitter are the devil's tools," I would probably be able to take a trip somewhere very far away!

I have found myself enthralled in the discussions of social media, tagging, checking in, and so on many times when I certainly could be doing something else.  I could be spending time with friends or family, reading and studying the Bible, doing something around the house or yard, or...well, there are hundreds of better things that I can think of.

Just like many of you, I have been offended, frustrated, excited, and even persecuted in the existence of my life on social media.  It is aggravating some days for sure.  But, other days, it can be very rewarding.

Can you imagine what life might have been like for the apostles if they had some form of social media to spread the gospel with?  I am sure they would too suffer persecution, be taken the wrong way, ridiculed, and even "blocked" by some of their own.  Yet, I can't help but think about how powerful these tools are...when they are used correctly!

I think about the facet of not having this avenue available sometimes, and how it was before...

Then, I also realize that without Facebook and Twitter, chances are that

  • I would not know many of the good brethren that I have met online and in person.
  • I would not know about Challenge Youth Conference
  • I would not know about Polishing the Pulpit
  • I would not know about the FHU Lectureship
  • I would not know some of the wonderful people that have studied the Bible with me either in brief online, or in person after meeting through social media
  • I would not know the power of sharing the gospel in a way that resulted in baptisms primarily from discussion that started in a message or post.
  • I would not know how I can be a help for some of the people that I know who are broken, hurting, and lost.

Do I ever think about "quitting?"  Often.  Sometimes I deactivate my own accounts for a few days to clear the muddy air in my head...and heart.  But then, I run across a picture, a video, a post, a message, or a shared post about someone that became a Christian, or returned to the fold of God.

After realizing how blessed that I am to be able to have a knowledge, interact, and learn through such brethren and postings, I realize that social media is just like any other form of action and communication...we CHOOSE how we are going to use it.  For bad...or for good!

Be the light that shines for others!

Col 3:17