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An "eis" storm! What does "eis" really mean? - From the Preacher's Pen

We have been in what seems like the "ice age" this week with all of the bad weather.  Around my house, we got about 1-1.5 inches of ice on Monday, followed by snow, then more ice, then more snow, then ....well, you get it.

Thinking about all of this "ice" this week has made me think and study more about a word that is relatively confused by many in the world when they do not study the origins and meanings of the original text and translation (transliteration in some cases).

I recently heard a very good illustration about original meanings of words.  The Chevy Nova was being marketed in South America some years ago.  The success of this car was not very good at all.

After some research, marketing executives finally had an answer to why their cars were not selling there.  You see, the word "va" in Spanish means "go".  The word "no" in Spanish means....you guessed it "no."

Now, put those two together in the ebonics of the car's name - "no" "va."  YES...you get it.  They were marketing a car that in the original language meant that it would not go!

Sometimes, we may be just as guilty in our own reading of the Bible.  One particular passage is in Acts 2:38 when Peter says "Repent... and be baptized for (emphasis) the remission of sins...."

In the original Koine Greek language, this word is "eis."  In a basic Bible word study in Logos Software, here is what you will see:


As you can see, there are several words that are transliterated from this Greek preposition.  The passage in question is grouped into the top left category which is orange, meaning "for", but in some translations, it is translated as "into" which is the much broader use.

The confusion comes in with some of our religious friends that want to bind a completely separate use in Matthew that represents the phrase "because of."  If you notice, from the Bible word study graphics, that is not even a possibility of the translation/transliteration.

So, what does this mean?  Well, it means just what it says...

"Repent...be baptized FOR the remission of sins."  Nothing less.  There is nowhere in the Bible where you will find salvation coming prior to baptism.  Even the closest difference would include baptism in the "same hour" in the text of salvation...so which came first in that instance?  Did you read this blog before reading the title?  Or did you read it at the same time? Or did you read it after?  In this situation, there is no reason to believe that you did not read the title and then be voted on being able to read the blog days or weeks later.  You read it the same hour! (unless you purposely didn't!)

If salvation is a precursor to baptism, then Peter got it wrong, Paul got it wrong multiple times, and that means that the Holy Spirit got it wrong.  1 Tim 3:16-17 tells me that ALL scripture is GOD BREATHED, meaning that there are no mistakes!  There is no confusion!  God is NOT the author of confusion and He did not confuse this subject either.

If you have questions about this topic, please contact me for a personal one-on-one Bible study.  We will use only the Bible and nothing more.


In Him