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"I'm Good! I live in the Bible belt!" - From the Preacher's Pen

"I'm Good...I live in the Bible Belt!"

We are about to begin our Bible study in Romans chapter 9 on Sunday mornings.  In study of this theme from chapters 9-11, one commentator referenced the beginning of chapter 3 where the Jews "thought" that they were in "good shape" simply because of their "inward" being of relationship in the Jewish nationality.

We know how this turned out.  The apostle Paul comes around to a "leveling" of Jews and Gentiles and says that "all sin and fall short of the glory of God" in Rom 3:23.

There was no longer a "chosen generation" as the children of Israel had rejected Christ, rejected God's plan, rejected the need to change their hearts.

I wonder sometimes if that is the attitude that not only the erring may take in a land that is so graced with God, but also those that are members of the Lord's church?  Yes, I live in the Bible belt!  Can't you tell?  I was born and raised here.  I am a Christian.  I am on my way to heaven!  

Isn't this the reward for living in the Bible belt?

Just like the Jews have no right to the inheritance of God, the Father because of their nationality and life of living in culture, traditions, and physical circumcision; those, like me, have no right to the Father's inheritance just because of who we are...or where we live any more than those in the days of the writing of Romans.

We must obey the gospel and live faithfully unto Him to receive this gift.  We must NOT reject it, leave the gift sitting, or count on grace alone to save us.  We MUST follow God's plan!

People are dying.  Not just physically, but spiritually.  In the Bible belt, they die too.  What am I doing today to help save a soul?  What are you doing today to help save a soul?  Let's tighten up the belt and get to work!