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50 shades of sin! An urgent plea!

The movie is out.  Blogs have been busy. Reviews are not good.  Even the lead role says that she does not want her own parents to see the film that has been ranted about for months.  

It's the screenplay version of the filth that was published a few years ago in book form called "50 Shades of Grey."

Before it is assumed, no I have not read the book; however, when I was asked by a member of the church "why do you think it is so bad" a while back, I went online and previewed 3 pages of the book randomly.  

I couldn't even stand reading just a few lines per page. The book is filled with immorality of all sorts. It is not even close to what my mom used to say was trash when she found out that there was a Harlequin romance novel in a stack of used books I was using to start a fire in our old wood stove in the early 80s.

When I say not even close....yes, curiosity got me on one of the books that burned in blue flames.  I opened the pages of that book before lighting it with a match. Something that honestly, I wish I had never done. It wasn't mom's fault. These books were in a box that I'm not really sure of the origin.  I can't claim full fault, though, because I had no real idea at that age what was in those covers. I will blame satan and weakness in temptation for the young age curiosity. 

I had no idea what some of those terms meant. Frankly, I still don't know some of them, nor do I want to. It was enough to make me sick to my stomach. 

Fast forward over 30 years. Times have certainly changed. Those terms that were in that romance novel....well, let's just say that some of them would be minor in comparison. But, today...we have this new rage of pornographic book and now the matching movie to entice and excite many in temptation of sexually immoral content. 

"It's no big deal."  "It's not like it's watching real s-- or anything."  "We are just watching it to enhance our own relationships."   These are some of the "excuses" that have been uttered in justification of such depravity. 

Here it is the back side of Valentine's Day. A day that is supposed to represent love shown between spouses especially, but also young and old couples alike. I decide to swipe through a few hours of social media on Facebook, and start to see posts about going to see the movie, crude remarks about what would happen if wives went to watch, and even pictures of movie theaters with people that are known.  

Know what the disappointing challenge is?  In all of these represented situations, there are wives, mothers, fiances, but even more disheartening, all of which claim to be Christian women. Don't get me wrong...there are several comments by "Christian" men as well talking about how excited they are that their spouse is going to view this underrated pornography titled as a movie.  

Christians!  Those that are supposed to be imitating Christ. Those that are supposed to be living with the fruits of the spirit. Those that are supposed to be bringing others to Christ!! 

imagine now, that mother's child who sees their mom on Facebook ranting, or finds the stashed book and opens up a few pages...much like that Harlequin I mentioned in my younger years...

I was 12-13 years old. It has been over 30 years. Yet, I still can almost quote WORD for WORD what was on those pages.  Scarred for life. Words embedded in my mind forever.  

Is this what you would want tonight's visit to the movie to be remembered as 30 years from now? 

Christians....it is time for us to STOP living in a shell and acting like these things are okay. It is time to repent if this blog describes temptation that has burdened you. It is time to represent Christ in ALL things...and let satan burn in those flames started with this type of book and movie!

50 shades of sin...resist, conquer, overcome!