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"One of these days...." from the preacher's pen - Joey Ferrell

"One of these days Alice..."

If you remember the sitcom "The Honeymooners," this phrase will not be strange to you.  Ralph and Ed were neighbors that worked together, socialized together, and practically were together 24/7.

Some days ole Norton would get on Ralph's nerves so bad and then he would come home to his wife Alice telling him something from her day that was disturbing to him, he would use this tag line "one of these days...."

Alice would usually reply very harshly...and then Ralph would tell his friend Ed Norton all about it.

Ralph was using empty threats in his effort to stress his anger or disappointment.  The "one of these days" never seemed to come to fruition...and Alice always knew that it would not.

Our Lord has promised us that "one of these days," He will destroy the earth and all that is in it.  We can count on this NOT being an empty threat by any means.  What God says...God means!  The END!

Ralph, Ed, and Alice (in their real lives) have left this earth, to be heard no more.  No more decisions to be made.  No more acting.  No more "episodes."  Trixie, Ed's wife on the show, is still living today at the age of 90, but she too, just like the rest will experience "one of these days" sooner than later, when her life will be no more.

We have an opportunity while we are living to answer the calling of our Lord in salvation and in service to Him.  Is our reply going to be a reply in anger of "one of these days..." I will give up, or will it be in a reply of confusion with "one of these days?" I will be in obedience, or will we wait on the Lord to complete His announcement of "one of these days" before we live our lives as He desires?

The choice is yours if you are not a faithful Christian.  Will you change that today?  Or will it echo again..."one of these days..."