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"Hey Pastor!" - Joey Ferrell - 9/28/2014

Many in the religious world are confused about what a pastor really is.

In Ephesians 4:11, the Bible says that there would be some given to be pastors and teachers.

When you follow the root Greek words (the original language), you can find out that the term "pastor" is the same word translated "shepherd" throughout the New Testament.

You will also see that in the KJV, the terms "and" in different places of this text actually are two different words in origin.  One is conductive, and the other is combining.

The authority of the church has been established in truth.  There is not a "one-man pastoral" role in the church.  It is not there in the English, or in Greek.

Many confused people will call a preacher - pastor.  This is most likely not accurate.  The preacher does not have authority given to him as that of the shepherds.


Listen to this fundamental lesson on authority in the church...and name might find yourself questioning and correcting someone's use of certain terms really soon.