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"Let's Play Church" - 6/8/2014 - Joey Ferrell

When I was a child, I played doctor, lawyer, teacher, fireman, soldier...

and yes...I "played" church.  I read, I prayed, I sang, I ate some chips and drank some juice....I was just like those big people..."playing church!"

Do we still "play church" today?  According to the scriptures, we are to worship God in SPIRIT and TRUTH.  If we fail to worship God the way that HE wants us to worship, then we are no different than those that are "playing church."

Please listen to this lesson, share it with others, and if you find in your heart that you have been "playing church," please seek Him and do what is required to turn back to Him!

If you have not obeyed Him in baptism, we also encourage you to contact us to set up a personal Bible study.