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"The Invitation: Conclusion...or Beginning?" - Joey Ferrell - 6/22/2014

"Come to Me all you that labor and are heavy laden..."

Matt 11:28-30 is one of the greatest invitations that we can hear of and read about. Jesus Christ - the one that came from His Father, and was known only by His Father, became flesh and blood, suspending life with the eternal God, in order to come to offer us such an invitation!

Yet, many times, we are anxious to grab hold of the song books, the pew backs, the end of the sermon - the conclusion....

But, in this invitation that Christ offered...can you not see a beginning, instead of a conclusion?

Listen to this lesson.  Heed the words of Christ.  There is an invitation that is open to all...preachers, elders, deacons, teachers, and every person alike.

Personally, as the preacher of this congregation, I responded to this invitation of Christ.  I responded by meeting with one of my elders and talking about my weaknesses and having faith in the ultimate power of prayer as given to me in the words of God.  I asked for forgiveness from God on Saturday.  I asked for forgiveness from those that I have failed God, my church family, and my family.  That burden has been lifted, and I pray that if you carry a burden of guilt, sin, and filth, that you too will respond to the Lord's invitation.

May God bless all that hear the Lord's invitation.

Please listen...and share.