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"Hidden Sins...Secret Sins" - Joey Ferrell - April 26, 2014

When Moses was of age, he went out and saw an Egyptian beating one of his Hebrew brethren.  In the moment of anger, he struck and killed this man.  He only did it after looking "this way, and that way" to make sure no one was looking.  Moses had to leave Egypt after this "hidden sin" was called out by others.

The men that were fighting in the battle of Jericho were told to not take any of the spoils and to leave certain things to be burned up, and other things were to go into God's treasury.  Achan disobeyed, keeping some of the spoils in a hidden place.  The wrath of God came down upon the children of Israel when they went to fight the battle in Ai and lost several men...even when they outnumbered them greatly.

What kind of sins do you think are hidden or secret in your own lives?  Do you think that they 'truly" are hidden?

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