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"Marriage - The Covenant" - Joey Ferrell - 3/8/2015

In the beginning, God created man in His own image.  When God saw that there was not a suitable mate for man, He created woman.  

In Genesis 1-2, we see that this creation resulted in the first command of family in the Bible - marriage.  Leaving father and mother and cleaving (holding on too, grasping, longing for) to your spouse.

In the wedding vows spoken in religious ceremonies, the words "till death do us part" is often stated.  And it should be.

In Revelation, a different marriage is discussed in great detail, but is in likeness to the marriage that we have in our physical realm between husband and wife.

This lesson explores points in between of the plan, the product, the promise, and the purpose between Genesis and Revelation.

Please listen and share this lesson with others, and may your marriage be a blessing.