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tbh2015 - "Peer Pressure and Bullying - Living a young life today" - Trent Key

In today's world, youth are faced with all kinds of destructive actions.  Moral destruction, social destruction, and even physical destruction.

Seems as if nearly once per week you may hear about a young person in our area committing suicide, or at the least cutting themselves, or doing other things that could cause great pain or death.

Why do these young folks give reason for this?  Well, we know that there is NO reason for such to happen; however, the common elements that are discussed regarding these incidents, causing those that are shunned in school to seek criminal or detrimental activity tend to be the reason given.

It is time for us to understand these topics better, and to help our young folks to come together in the strength of God's word to overcome these things.  On the back side, it is time for our youth to STOP bullying and pressuring their friends in a way that they will feel these things.

Please listen to this wonderful lesson from brother Trent Key from the Mt. Leo congregation in Warren County, and then share it with others...