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"Jesus - The Master Servant" - Joey Ferrell 10/19/2014

Martha and Mary were hosting Jesus in Luke 10 when Martha showed an attitude that was not of a great heart in servantry.  She was more concerned with what Mary was doing than what she was doing.

Jesus kindly rebuked her and told her to look at the bigger picture.

In John 13, Jesus again shows us that servantry has to be in the right attitude.  Jesus, the Christ, got down on His hands and knees to do something that was so menial and something that a King would never be expected to do.  He washed the feet of His disciples...even the one that betrayed Him!

How is our attitude towards serving?  Is it as Martha's?  Or is it more like Christ's?

Friends, I pray that my attitude is always more like Christ than anyone else.

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