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"He Gave Me a Song" 5/31/2015 - Joey Ferrell

In the context of Ephesians 5:18-19, the word of God uses three different Greek words to describing singing:  ado, humneo, and psallo.

As we look at this lesson, let's study through the scriptures to see what is told about singing in worship services.

This is a 4 point lesson on 1) Singing in Crisis, 2) Singing in cheerfulness, 3) Singing in Worship, 4) Singing in Teaching.

What song did He give you?


Please listen and share.

"Memorial Day - A Feast Divine" - Joey Ferrell - 5/24/2015

Memorial Day - a day that our country celebrates and honors those that served selflessly for others.

In this lesson, we will explore another sort of memorial that Christians have privilege and opportunity to remember each and every first day of the week....the Lord's Supper.

Come and join us as we talk about the preparation, the feast, and the memorial.


Please listen and share.

"Man of Few Words" - Joey Ferrell - 5/17/2015

It is estimated that we speak about 11,000,000 words per year.  That would be about 750,000,000 over a lifetime.

What do these words end up doing though?  Are they words that will benefit?  Words that will convince souls to come to Christ?  Words that are angry?  Words that are idle?

What words are you speaking?

This lesson approaches some of the importance of the "few words" that Jesus spoke in his 3.5 years of public ministry.

We don't have a complete record of all that was said, as John said that the world would not be able to contain the books of all that He did; however, we do have some examples of some meaningful, powerful, and certainly eternal words that He spoke.

Please listen and share.

"The Greatest of These" - 5/10/2015 - Joey Ferrell

In 1 Corinthians 12-13, Paul explains some gifts that were being desired, a bit selfishly it seemed, and abused.

He closes out chapter 12 with the words that there was a more excellent gift.

Chapter 13 describes that gift, and we look at the text in detail of how that gift works in us in this lesson.


Please listen and share.

"Write it Down" 5 /3/2015 - Joey Ferrell

Jeremiah was told to "Write it down." Then, when the words were destroyed, he was told to write it down again.

How important is it to "write it down?"  How about the way that we "write" our lives?

Please listen to this lesson that uses the illustration of a pencil to show how our lives are certainly being "written down" daily.

Special thanks to Steve Vice for sharing notes on this lesson.

"Getting Down on Your Knees" - Joey Ferrell - 4/19/2015

When is the last time that you have gotten on your knees?

Maybe it was a family member in need, maybe a job in jeopardy, maybe a situation in your relationship....

but what about something...or someone that is lost?

Have you gotten on your knees to find someone that is lost?

Please listen to this message, share it with others, and get on your knees with me!


"The Day After: A Day of No Hope!" - 4/5/2015 - Joey Ferrell

There was a day that those looking for hope no longer had any hope.  That day was not much different than any other day...except that the Messiah had been executed!

There was no hope of salvation that day.  No hope of eternity that day.  No hope of forgiveness that hope...just no hope.

There will come another day where there will be no hope.  Many will find that day sadly.


Please listen and share this lesson on a day of no hope!

"King of My Heart" - Joey Ferrell - 3/22/2015

We sometimes sing a song with the words "King of my life I crown thee now."  In this song, we make proclamation that we place Christ as our King in our lives.

How about in our heart?  Have we made Christ the King of our heart?

Listen to this lesson about some Old Testament king passages, and then see if you have made Jesus the "King of My Heart."

Please listen and share.

"Hope - It is coming!" - Joey Ferrell - 3/29/2015

Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  However, where does our hope come from?  Is it something that can be found in Noah?  Maybe in Abraham?  Was it something that we would see well ahead of time?

We all have hopes in our lives.  The greatest hope should be eternity in heaven.

I have that hope, and I hope you do too!

Please listen and share this message from the gospel!

tbh2015 - "Living Morally in an Immoral World" - Jack Honeycutt - 3/21/2015

Today, we live in one of the most immoral times that seem like are around on this side of the Cross.

It is hard to live a life without sin.  Matter of fact, the Bible tells us that we "all sin and fall short of the glory of God."

However, if we surround ourselves with people with great moral values, if we maintain a life of getting away as fast as we can from sinful things, if we shut out all of the evil in which Satan is putting in front of us each and every day - our lives can be an immoral world.

Please listen to brother Jack Honeycutt teach us more about living morally in an immoral world.

Please listen and share!

tbh2015 - "Peer Pressure and Bullying - Living a young life today" - Trent Key

In today's world, youth are faced with all kinds of destructive actions.  Moral destruction, social destruction, and even physical destruction.

Seems as if nearly once per week you may hear about a young person in our area committing suicide, or at the least cutting themselves, or doing other things that could cause great pain or death.

Why do these young folks give reason for this?  Well, we know that there is NO reason for such to happen; however, the common elements that are discussed regarding these incidents, causing those that are shunned in school to seek criminal or detrimental activity tend to be the reason given.

It is time for us to understand these topics better, and to help our young folks to come together in the strength of God's word to overcome these things.  On the back side, it is time for our youth to STOP bullying and pressuring their friends in a way that they will feel these things.

Please listen to this wonderful lesson from brother Trent Key from the Mt. Leo congregation in Warren County, and then share it with others...

"Remarriage - the Confusion" - Joey Ferrell - 3/22/2015

The final in this series on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage.  

The world is confused on marriage, but seems to be even more confused when it comes to divorce and remarriage.

Listen to this lesson based on the biblical tenets of remarriage after a divorce and see if the truth can be known!

Please listen and share.

tbh2015 - "To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Hey...did you like my status?" - 3/21/2015 - Joey Ferrell

This is the second in our series of lessons for tbh2015.

This lesson is presented by Joey Ferrell from the church of Christ at Elkins.

The title speaks realms about the subject.  Social Media is something that is in our everyday world these days.  How is it helpful?  How is it hurtful?  Do you know all you need to know about how social media can affect your soul?

Please listen and share.

"Divorce: The Commitment" - Joey Ferrell - 3/15/2015

God put the method in order of marriage in the beginning of time with a covenant.  Breaking this covenant means that someone is destroying a work that God has put into place.

Our society has some alarming statistics regarding divorce, as well as the attitude of divorce.  It is very disturbing and it creeps its way into the church more and more each day.

This lesson is a biblically based discussion of divorce.  It is not meant to condemn, judge, or call out other than the basis of the Bible.

Please listen to this lesson and share it with others.

"Marriage - The Covenant" - Joey Ferrell - 3/8/2015

In the beginning, God created man in His own image.  When God saw that there was not a suitable mate for man, He created woman.  

In Genesis 1-2, we see that this creation resulted in the first command of family in the Bible - marriage.  Leaving father and mother and cleaving (holding on too, grasping, longing for) to your spouse.

In the wedding vows spoken in religious ceremonies, the words "till death do us part" is often stated.  And it should be.

In Revelation, a different marriage is discussed in great detail, but is in likeness to the marriage that we have in our physical realm between husband and wife.

This lesson explores points in between of the plan, the product, the promise, and the purpose between Genesis and Revelation.

Please listen and share this lesson with others, and may your marriage be a blessing.

"I Did it My Way!" - Joey Ferrell - 2/8/2015

Frank Sinatra penned a song titled "I Did it My Way" that is used many times at or near the end of someone's life.

Unfortunately, people sometimes choose to do things "my way" instead of the way that God has purposed.

Listen to this story of four different situations where this happened in the Old Testament.  Then, decide if where and how you worship God is God's way, or if you are doing it "my way."

Please listen and share.

"Through the Roof!" - Joey Ferrell - 2/1/2015

When you can't get through the door, maybe it's time to go through the roof!

Listen and share this expository lesson on Mark 2:1-12 and see if your own faith would be met with the same response from Jesus as these men were when He said "Your sins are forgiven."

"I QUIT!" - Joey Ferrell - 1/25/2015

Have you ever just felt like saying "I quit?"

Most of us have.  Some of us have admittedly done it.  We have quit in the church, we have quit in learning, and we may have quit Jesus.

But, what if we looked at the reasons that WE might want to quit...and then apply them to what some in the Bible were faced with...such as the lesson from Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 4?  Or to the church in Sardis with the words of Jesus? Or, to the disciples that just couldn't take the sayings of Jesus in John 6?

Maybe it IS time for us to say "I QUIT" but maybe not the same quitting that you may think.

Please listen and share.

"Richer or Poorer" - Joey Ferrell - 1/18/2015

"In sickness and in health; for better or for worse; for richer or poorer"

In the most sacred covenant in this earthly life, we may utter these words to our spouse in a commitment of vows.

What about when we become a Christian?  Do we utter the same vows as the "bride of Christ"?

For richer or poorer.  Let's take a journey and study some aspects of the poor, the rich, the attitude and the challenge given in all of these in this lesson.


Please listen and share!