Here are some links to area congregations, resources, and other items that you may find of interest.  If you find a broken link, please let us know via email.   All Links will open a new window and you will remain on this site.  We are not responsible for the content on any website link below other than our own.


Cannon County Congregations

Curlee church of Christ - Bradyville area

Leoni church of Christ - McMinnville Hwy (Eastside area)

Warren County Congregations

Bybee Branch church of Christ - Old Smithville Hwy

East End church of Christ - Sparta Road

Viola church of Christ - Viola area


church of Christ at Elkins on iTunes - You can subscribe to our audio lessons here on iTunes and have them automatically download to your devices or computer.

Bible Gateway - Internet Resource to look up and read Bible translations online

Modern Literal Version - A new translation edited by preachers and Christians across the country

 Muscle and a Shovel - A great story about a couple's pursuit of Christianity and the truth

World Video Bible School - A great resource for videos (The Truth About Series and many more) and other teaching materials

Conformed, Reborn, Transformed - by Lance Mosher - A spiritual journey of a young man seeking the truth!