In 1996 a grain ship, “Bright Field,” was heading down the Mississippi River near New Orleans, when it lost control, veered toward the shore and crashed into a riverside shopping mall. The impact demolished parts of the wharf and injured 116 people. According to the Coast Guard investigation, the ship’s owner and crew had failed to repair long-standing engine problems. This is a clear example of not doing what you should do and receiving the consequences of bad decisions.

            The Devil deceived Eve into thinking that there would be no consequences for eating the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:1-7). God said, “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, ye shall not eat of it lest ye die” (v.3) The Devil said, “Ye shall not surely die.” (v.4) Eve dilly-dallied with the temptation and contemplated the possibilities that the Devil had suggested and threw away all restrain and ate the fruit!  Why?  The Devil deceived her into thinking that there would be no consequences for sin.

            The Devil continues to lie to us today and tells our society that a little sin won’t hurt, a little indulgence is not a problem, a little transgression will never hurt anybody! The Devil tells us that we are only human and go ahead and enjoy sin. The Bible says, “The way of the transgressor is hard.” ( Prov. 13:15)

            Our society believes that it can live in disobedience to God’s will by practicing homosexuality and never suffer the consequences. The scriptures teach that there will be consequences for our actions. “Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth unto his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that soweth unto the spirit shall of the spirit reap eternal life.” (Gal. 6:7-8) This basic principle applies to the physical world and spiritual realm as well. The word, “mocked” is a Greek word (mukterizete:) which means to turn one’s nose up at God. The point is that if a person sows to the flesh (homosexuality and sinful living) and turns up his nose at God, he shall go the way of all flesh, -- die and face the judgment of God where there will be consequences. (reap destruction – Gal. 6:8)

The scriptures emphasize the consequences of sin in other verses. Ezekiel said, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” (Ez. 18:4) Paul said, “The wages of sin is death.” (Rom. 6:23)  Over and over, again and again, the Bible under all circumstances, emphasizes that we reap what we sow and that sin is always followed by consequences.

            There is rebellion in the hearts and in the behavior of many people in our society today. In view of the fact that sin will always have consequences, what can we predict for the future? According to the basic law of sowing and reaping, the answer can best be given in the words of the prophet Hosea, “They sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.” (Hos. 8:7) There is one time of sowing (while alive), and there will be two times of reaping. We reap in this life and also reap beyond this life in the hereafter. Sin brings forth its consequences both here and hereafter.

            People may do things without realizing the consequences of their actions, but one day there is going to be an accounting! (Rev. 21:8)                                                                                                                                                                                           



A father once told his little boy about a lost sheep, telling him how the sheep had found a hole in the fence and had crawled through it. He told the little boy how the sheep had enjoyed skipping and playing in the sunshine, and after being free, how it had wandered so far away that it couldn’t find its way back. At long last, the shepherd found the little sheep and brought it safely home! After being told the story, the little boy surprised his father by saying, “Daddy, did they nail up the hole in the fence?”

          Many times, we discover what’s wrong with our country but not enough are willing to start doing anything about it. Let’s not fail to nail up the hole in the fence, and this will depend upon Christians taking some action.

          In the last election, 54 million Christians stayed at home and didn’t vote. If Christians will simply vote Biblical values – not party nor race – we can turn this country around. Voting is one measure whereby we can promote the common good in our country and bring our country back to being one nation under God.

          The left has vowed to make passing the so-called “Equality Act” as one of their top legislative priorities. This act gives people of faith an ultimatum – change your faith-based priorities or face government punishment. This is a frontal assault on religious liberty that we have not seen in the history of our nation. It actually strips us of our Constitutionally protected rights. If Christianity is to survive in America, then it is time we start standing up and speaking out against the left and organizations that disrespect God, religion, and the church.

          The leftists exploded in rage as a NASA head praised prayer and Christian influence in government. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the First Amendment. Because of the double standards the left is pushing, public officials can’t even talk about faith without getting hate-filled rebuttals.

          But hypocrisy is the name of the game for the left. Their goal is to purge faith from public life and history. If activists can’t get Christians to stay quiet, then they’ll try to drive them out of government. This will be tough to do in this administration, thanks to the fearless leadership of President Trump.

          We need to support the Congressional Reform Act of 2017. No tenure and no pension for Congressmen/women. They collect a salary while in office and receive no pay when they are out of office. No more perks. Congress past, present, and future would participate in our Social Security as do all other Americans. Congress must purchase their own retirement plan. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as all Americans do. Congress must abide by all laws they impose on the American people. Serving in Congress is an honor and not a career. They need to serve no more than two terms and then go home.

          My friends, this is nailing up the hole in our fence. The hope of America lies in the heart of each individual. If God could save an entire nation through one Esther and spare a multitude through the prayers of one Moses, who knows your dedication to God will go a long way in keeping our nation a Christian one.

          Don’t hesitate to cry out against that which is destroying religion and the very foundations on which our nation rests! (II Chronicles 7:14)