In 1996 a grain ship, “Bright Field,” was heading down the Mississippi River near New Orleans, when it lost control, veered toward the shore and crashed into a riverside shopping mall. The impact demolished parts of the wharf and injured 116 people. According to the Coast Guard investigation, the ship’s owner and crew had failed to repair long-standing engine problems. This is a clear example of not doing what you should do and receiving the consequences of bad decisions.

            The Devil deceived Eve into thinking that there would be no consequences for eating the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:1-7). God said, “But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, ye shall not eat of it lest ye die” (v.3) The Devil said, “Ye shall not surely die.” (v.4) Eve dilly-dallied with the temptation and contemplated the possibilities that the Devil had suggested and threw away all restrain and ate the fruit!  Why?  The Devil deceived her into thinking that there would be no consequences for sin.

            The Devil continues to lie to us today and tells our society that a little sin won’t hurt, a little indulgence is not a problem, a little transgression will never hurt anybody! The Devil tells us that we are only human and go ahead and enjoy sin. The Bible says, “The way of the transgressor is hard.” ( Prov. 13:15)

            Our society believes that it can live in disobedience to God’s will by practicing homosexuality and never suffer the consequences. The scriptures teach that there will be consequences for our actions. “Be not deceived: God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth unto his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption: but he that soweth unto the spirit shall of the spirit reap eternal life.” (Gal. 6:7-8) This basic principle applies to the physical world and spiritual realm as well. The word, “mocked” is a Greek word (mukterizete:) which means to turn one’s nose up at God. The point is that if a person sows to the flesh (homosexuality and sinful living) and turns up his nose at God, he shall go the way of all flesh, -- die and face the judgment of God where there will be consequences. (reap destruction – Gal. 6:8)

The scriptures emphasize the consequences of sin in other verses. Ezekiel said, “The soul that sinneth, it shall die.” (Ez. 18:4) Paul said, “The wages of sin is death.” (Rom. 6:23)  Over and over, again and again, the Bible under all circumstances, emphasizes that we reap what we sow and that sin is always followed by consequences.

            There is rebellion in the hearts and in the behavior of many people in our society today. In view of the fact that sin will always have consequences, what can we predict for the future? According to the basic law of sowing and reaping, the answer can best be given in the words of the prophet Hosea, “They sow the wind and they shall reap the whirlwind.” (Hos. 8:7) There is one time of sowing (while alive), and there will be two times of reaping. We reap in this life and also reap beyond this life in the hereafter. Sin brings forth its consequences both here and hereafter.

            People may do things without realizing the consequences of their actions, but one day there is going to be an accounting! (Rev. 21:8)                                                                                                                                                                                           



A very hostile wind is clearly blowing against Christians by those wanting to bring in a one world government, MSM, LGBT, Islam and many liberal judges throughout our country. This religious hostility is the red light on the dashboard that tells us we have a major problem. The loss of religious freedom will come next if we remain silent any longer.

          What started out with Christian bakers, florists, and photographers has now blossomed into something much larger. It appears, in most media outlets, including our MSM which is owned by global elitists and even in some textbooks, that Christianity has a large bull’s-eye on it and is painted in a negative light.

          The global elitists are using Saul Alinsky’s plan to create a social state and bring in their one world government. The USA is the big domino which must fall before the one world government can be put into place. They must remove our belief in God and take it out of government, schools, and society. This also includes removing the ability to defend ourselves from the new government, so a police state can be set up.

          To say that Christians and Christianity are under a brutal attack in certain areas of the world is an understatement. In different parts of the Middle East, there is a genocidal cleansing of Christians being carried out. Here in the USA, Christians and Christianity is being mocked, belittled, smeared, and attacked on a daily basis. Hostility to religion in America is rising like floodwaters. This flood is engulfing ordinary citizens who simply try to live normal lives according to their faith.

          The “Survey of Hostility to Religion in America” is published by First Liberty Institute, which is a large, non-profit legal organization that strives to protect religious liberty. It documents more than 1,200 legal cases involving persons who believe they have been discriminated against in 2017 because of their religious beliefs.

          Religious liberty is our first freedom in the Bill of Rights. Once we lose it, then we lose our political liberty and all others. Those at the altar of political correctness, driven by global elitists, have deemed that Christianity should no longer be respected.  The MSM assails Christianity on a daily basis in order to try to weaken it and remove it.

                For example, The New Yorker magazine just described the opening of a few Chick-fil-A restaurants, owned by Christians in New York City, as “pervasive Christian traditionalism.” The California Senate (Bill 2943) would ban all transactions involved in stating Christian beliefs about homosexual behavior. This could open the door to banning the Bible and other Christian literature. Some communities in California are already banning Bible studies in peoples’ homes.

          In colleges across our nation, they now teach about the evils of “Christian privilege.” America’s Christian collages are under constant assault from so-called social justice warriors trying to strip their accreditation away and put them out of business. A high school football coach is fired for giving a Bible to a student who requested it. A Marine is court-martialed for not removing a Bible verse from her computer. Starbuck’s CEO says if you support traditional marriage, don’t buy their coffee. In Florida, a straight “A” student is failed for keeping her faith in the existence of God.

          How should Christians respond to a hostile society? We must stand up and be firm in our Biblical convictions! We must not compromise them. We must defend the truth of God’s word and stand up against the evils in our society. The time to protest the infringement of our religious freedom is now, because for too long, our religious leaders have given a free pass to evil and evil doing.
          The prophet told Judah, “Stand ye in the ways, ask for the old paths” (Jer. 6:16). Sadly, their response was often our response today, “We will not.” Christians must awaken to the global crisis which has the goal of destroying our religious freedom.