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"Father, Forgive Me...I Know Not What I Do" - 10:00 worship


One of the most difficult subjects to think about.  We all want forgiveness don't we?  Sometimes it seems that we come to expect it from others if we trespass against them.  After all...didn't God say to "forgive and forget?"  What?  He didn't say that?  You are right.  That is not what He says in His word.  

Want a better understanding of forgiveness?  Come join us at 10:00 for our worship hour and let's look at 5 points on forgiveness:

  1. Forgiveness - What is it really?
  2. Forgiveness - Why is it important?
  3. Forgiveness - Must I forget and expect others to forget?
  4. Forgiveness - Why is it so hard to forgive?
  5. Forgiveness - The one that you may not forgive.  How do you do it?

Please join us and invite others to come as well!  We look forward to worshiping with you then!