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In Memorial: A Feast Divine - 10:00 Worship

This Monday is what we deem in the US as Memorial Day.  A day set aside to remember all those who fought and served for our country, many that died in combat and in service.  These men and women gave their lives for a cause that they believed in selflessly.  Even unto the end!

Every Sunday, Christians have the privilege and opportunity to gather together to proclaim memory of the Greatest Sacrifice in all creation!

Our Lord Jesus Christ met with His disciples in the final few days of His life in an upper room on the night of the Passover Feast, communed with them, then told them "each time you do this, do this in remembrance of Me."

Sunday, let us all gather together as Christians to partake of the emblems of memorial of our Lord's great sacrifice, and have a heavenly Memorial Day! A Feast Divine!