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"A Good Soldier" - Worship 10:00

Monday marks the national holiday called Memorial Day.

Several stories float around the internet as to when and how the day got started, but all of them reflect around the Civil War era.

Every war that is fought has soldiers fighting in it.  Some will win...some will lose.  Some will give some of themselves...others giving all.

It is a privilege that we have to celebrate our freedom in the United States by remembering those that fought...and fell among our great soldiers.

There is a spiritual war going on every single day.  Its soldiers, mainly Satan, do not play by any rules.  That terrible soldier is seeking those that he can devour.

Just as in any physical war, the spiritual war will always need soldiers.  Not just any soldier will defeat the will take "A Good Soldier!"

Come and join us for Bible study at 9:15, followed by worship at 10:00.

Hope to see you here!