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"Divorce: The Commitment" - Worship 10:00

Malachi 2:14-16 states very emphatically that "God HATES divorce."

Have you ever wondered why God hates divorce?  And if He truly hates divorce, why do we see it so evident in our culture?

It is true that Moses gave the "permission" of a writing of divorcement and we know that this was done based on the hardening of the hearts of those in that time - when law allowed for other things and many reasons for divorce; however, Jesus Christ uses two very powerful areas of teaching to refute "divorce for any cause" in Matt 5 and Matt 19.

Come and join us as we look at the second part of our series:

1.  "Marriage:  The Covenant"

2.  "Divorce:  The Commitment"

3.  "Remarriage: The Confusion"


Later Event: March 21
tbh! - A Youth Event!