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"Prepare to Meet Thy God!" - Worship - 10:00

In the book of Amos, we can read these words that may seem somewhat bitter at first, and rightly so.

These folks were religious folks that knew what God wanted from them.  He told them to change their ways again, again, and again.  When they wouldn't listen, the words "Prepare to Meet Thy God!" were heard.

Hezekiak was told to set his house in order.

The rich man that tore down his barns - he was told that this very night his soul would be required.

There is no pleading, persuading, education, or otherwise that will change what has to be done.


So the question to you my friends is this:


"Are YOU Prepared to Meet Thy God?"


Come and join us for Bible study at 9:15 and worship at 10:00.

Later Event: December 21
"The Greatest Gift" - 10:00 Sunday